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"Advantage thanks to technology"

Method of soda

It is a modern method of surface cleaning. Ecological and non-invasive, which relies on a pressure release at a speed of about 965 km / h, is cleaned in the form of baking soda mixed with air. This technology uses original, highly efficient American machines.
Principle of operation:
Sodaing involves the bursting of baking soda at high speed and impact on the cleaned substrate. This causes the "explosion" of soda, which does not cause the material to bounce off the part being cleaned. Thanks to this, the soda does not damage the element, and all dirt is removed.
The advantage of this solution is neutral impact on the environment and low harm to the body. In addition to ecological character, it is also worth mentioning its high performance. Thanks to it, in a relatively short time compared to other techniques, it is possible to clean up materials with even large surfaces from strong dirt.
The most important advantage of this method is the versatility of use. Soding is a universal method that is ideal for both hard and delicate materials. The technique is also unrivaled when it comes to cleaning sensitive equipment that should not come into contact with water.
The use of this method eliminates damage to the Client’s property, because the contaminants are removed without disturbing the structure of the substrate.

There are 3 work modes:

1. Standard mode (dust) - it is dry work. Put the cleaning cloth into the tank, after starting the cleaning process at very high speed, it flies out of the nozzle and cleans the surface.
2. Hydrodynamic mode (dust-free mode) - using a hose connected on one side to a tap or a water tank, and on the other hand connected to a special nozzle is subjected to a stream of water, which provides a water coating around the stream is cleaned with air. In this way, dusting up to 95% is eliminated.

3. Water mix (dust-free mode) - allows you to fill the cleaning cloth into the tank and then add water in a 1:1 ratio. In this way, dusting is virtually eliminated to 100%.

Advantages of the soda method:

  • ecological and safe for the environment,
  • low-pressure cleaning required in the renovation of historic buildings,
  • a wide range of applications,
  • removal of coatings without dusting,
  • the possibility of using wet and dry,
  • efficient and fast,
  • non-flammable and non-toxic (can be used in the food and chemical industry),
  • does not affect the cleaned surface,
  • does not overheat, freeze and deform the cleaned surface,
  • enables degreasing,
  • it leaves smooth surfaces,

Sanding method

A traditional and proven method for many years used material cleaning technology. The blasting process consists in using a nozzle with compressed air, which in the stream under pressure applies abrasive material (usually sand) to the surface. Its molecules hit it, causing it to peel off impurities.
The main advantage of sandblasting is its high efficiency. It allows effective removal of even extremely strong pollutants. In addition, it allows you to clean hard-to-reach places, that is various types of curves and corners, where other methods could be insufficient ..
Sand blasting or blasting using other abrasive media is the most effective way to prepare various types of elements for further processing. The effect is similar to grinding, but the cleaned surface is even, and there are no problems with cleaning hardly accessible corners or curves.
A well cleaned, matte and degreased surface with the required degree of roughness perfectly adopts primer paints and preservative coatings, which contributes to prolonging their life and increasing their resistance to weather conditions.

Slide method

The method involves the use of special abrasives (glass microspheres, ceramic microspheres, plastic shot) to unify the substrate made of stainless steel or aluminum and achieve a satin finish. For a better visual effect, the surface should be cleaned using traditional abrasive before proceeding with slides.


  • We have very efficient and modern equipment for abrasive blasting in which we can use any abrasives
  • depending on the effect expected by the customer, type of surface and dirt, we select the most appropriate method of purification, type of abrasive and other parameters so that the cleaning process is as effective as possible,
  • we carry out works on the whole of Poland.