The passion which is construction, as well as new technologies that drive us to operate was HMD company, which deals with cleaning the surface of modern, non-invasive and 100% organic patented in the US by the method of soda and dust-free and traditional method of sanding and skimming. The second branch of the company is the service of construction projects.

Our asset, apart from the technology used, is the quality, reliability, flexibility andtimeliness of project implementation as well as high ethical standards. We have many years of experience. We have modern and professional equipment. We approach each client individually, and in our business we follow the principle of a comprehensive approach to each investment, while ensuring the highest standards of performance.

If the task requires it at the place of implementation, we make a local vision to gather all the necessary information to select the appropriate parameters, methods, adaptation to each respective offer.

We focus on customer satisfaction and satisfaction.

We operate, protecting the environment.

We direct our services to individual clients as well as companies, offices and institutions.

We invite you to cooperation

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