We offer comprehensive surface cleaning with a modern, non-invasive and 100% organic method patented in the US by the method of soda (wet and dry soda ash) and by dust-free and traditional (dry) sanding and skimming. We have an American machine that is characterized by high efficiency and power.


  • graffiti,
  • fumigation after fires,
  • moisture,
  • environmental, industrial and post-production pollution,
  • impregnates,
  • soot,
  • discoloration,
  • plaster,
  • dirtiness with concrete,
  • efflorescence,
  • raids,
  • settlement
  • surface and depth rust,
  • greases, all kinds of paints and varnishes,
  • other unspecified surfaces.

Each service is priced on the basis of an individual calculation. The price depends on the size of the surface, the condition of the dirt, the type of coatings, the degree of difficulty and availability.



Brick: elevations of residential and public buildings, elevations of historic and sacred buildings


Steel: steel structures, tanks, silos, flyovers, production lines, stoves, sheds, halls, towers, vehicle frames, chassis and car bodies, machinery, stops, repairs of existing facilities



Wood: structural elements, log houses, cottages, wooden houses, gazebos, stables, open-air museums, inns, restaurants, churches, religious buildings, hotels, guest houses, monuments, terraces, elevations, furniture, antiques, fences, stairs, sculptures



Concrete: paving stones, building facades, structural elements (viaducts, bridges, pillars, foundations, tunnels, etc.), terrazzo, floors



Stone: elevations of buildings with various types of stones (eg sandstone), granite blocks, monuments, tombstones, sculptures, fences